School Oath


  • I will observe the principles of Tae Kwon Do
  • I will be loyal to my nation and respect my parents
  • I will be obedient to the instructor
  • I will respect the instructor and all senior ranks
  • I will practice patience and courtesy with my juniors
  • I will NEVER misuse Tae Kwon Do

Family Values

Tae Kwon Do can also be a family activity. In a world where families have less time for each other, here is one activity that brings them together. Many parents who have enrolled their children in Tae Kwon Do have decided to join as well. For children, it develops self discipline, courtesy and respect for others. For parents, it is an opportunity to grow together.

Seven Home Rules for Children

  1. Children shall greet their parents with “Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!” when they enter the house and “Good-bye!” when they leave.
  2. Children will always be respectful of their Parents, Teachers and Elders.
  3. Children will be kind to their Brothers and Sisters.
  4. Children will keep the household neat and clean.
  5. Children will keep their hair, body and teeth clean daily.
  6. Children will not interrupt Adult Conversations.
  7. Children shall fix The Recipe for Straight A’s daily!

Recipe for Straight A's

  1. When you come home from school, open the refrigerator and have a glass of milk or juice.
  2. Open your book to review what you studied today.
  3. Do your homework.
  4. Preview what you will study tomorrow.
  5. Finish what you start!