Safety Measures


We are returning to Taekwondo Dojang(School) as of June 1st, Monday with both in-school and online schedules.

We will have classes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at Taekwondo Dojang (in-school).
Other days. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, we will have Virtual Classes (online).


If you are joining classes at Taekwondo Dojang, please read and follow the below Safety measure:

1. Students who have a cough, fever or runny nose must stay home.

If your answer is YES to following questions, students are asked to stay home for care for total 14 days from affected day:

1) Have you or anyone in your household travelled to or thru area(s) where covid19 outbreak or transmitted?
2) Have you or anyone in you household been in contact with a person who diagnosed with covid19 and/or been to affected region?
3) Body temperature is measured and anyone with higher than usual body temperature(36.5 – 37.5 c) is asked to return home for care.
4) Wearing a mask is highly recommended!

2. First 5 min and last 5 min. of each class will be dedicated to organize orderly entry and exit while keeping distance for 2M (or 6 ft 6in)

3, Students will stay two sq. mats away from each other during their classes.

4. Students will not touch each other (for example they will no longer hold ankles during situps)

Also, students will not do close distance practise such as sparring, self defence, partner practice until further notice from the health authority or equivalent.

5, Parents will be encouraged to drop off your child(ren) just before the class and pick them up at the end of class(es) without staying during class(es).

6, Parents, please have your children wash their hands immediately before and after coming to class.

Using Sanitizer is good and eventually washing hands with warm water with soap for 30 sec. is strongly recommended before leaving home to Taekwondo.

Upon arriving home after Taekwondo, highly recommended to do laundry your/your child(ten)’s Taekwondo Dobock(uniform) and take warm shower!

Please, remember to clean/sanitze things worn such as glasses etc and good idea to minimized on number of items worn to Taekwondo Dojang(school).

*** Together we will fight against the possibility of transferring any infection to another person and will hopefully soon no longer have CoviD 19 as a threat.***

If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know. You can always e mail , text me or call me.

Thank you for working together in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.
Thank you,

"When it is not even, you have to be extra flexible with you mind and body!

Let’s beat the virus with Taekwondo Spirit!!"