Fall Testing Results

Congratulations to all Students who successfully completed and passed the testing!!!

Red Belt to Black Stripes
Zoe A.
Manroop D.
Harleen C.
Reggie J.

Red Stripes to Purple Belt
Henry H.
Robin H.

Blue Belt to Red Stripes
Aikam D.
Harnoor S.
David Y.
Rowan G.

Blue Stripes to Blue Belt
Harveen S.
Veeran S.
Mikaeel M.

Green Stripes to Green Belt
Alyssa N.
Josia H.

Yellow Belt to Green Stripes
Mason A.
Ethan H.
Aiden C.
Liam C.

Yellow Stripes to Yellow Belt
Mathew G.
Taylor N.
Khushi D.
Sukhmani B.
Julie K.
John Paul O.

White Belt to Yellow Stripes
Udayvir B.