Safety Measures Nov 23


ISSUED NOV 21, 2020


All students and parents, as we go back to having classes Monday, Tuesday and Friday in the Taekwon Do Dojang, please take careful note of the new safety measures we have put in place. 

* Also, please print and sign the attached pdf document titled “Health Declaration and Policy Compliance Form”.



  • For any information or to make arrangements for a quick visit with Master Lee, you may call or text Master Lee at 778 779 3397

  • During Covid-19, the best way to make a payment is to use e-Transfer via text or email (thank-you).
    If e-transfer does not work, you can also put a cheque in an envelope and write on it your name and what the cheque is for and your child can hand the envelope in to the office, or you can arrange to hand your cheque to Master Lee by calling or texting him.

  • Parents,if you have any questions about the schedule or signing up for testing or registering for day camps please call or text Master Lee at 778 779 3397

  • Please note that anyone coming into the school for any reason MUST wear a mask and/or facial shield and keep socially distanced. 



  • Students who have a cough, fever or runny nose must stay home.

  • If you answer YES to any of the following questions, students are asked to stay home for care for 14 days from the affected day:

    1. Have you or anyone in your household travelled to or thru area(s) where covid19 outbreak or transmitted?

    2. Have you or anyone in you household been in contact with a person who diagnosed with covid19 and/or been to affected region?

    3. Body temperature is measured and anyone with higher than usual body temperature(36.5 – 37.5 c) is asked to return home for care.

    4. Wearing a mask is highly recommended!


  • A mask or face shield must be worn

  • No one who is sick is allowed to enter the Do Jang

  • Please wait until the person(s) before you have cleared the entry room before coming in

  • If you are a parent who has arranged to have a brief meeting with Master Lee, please stand by his office door until he lets you into his office

  • Students must quickly take off their shoes and coats and carry them to the hallway at the “front” wall (the wall at the rear of the dojang with the flags on it) where the shoe cubby has now been moved to [please bow in to workout area as normal]



  • Students must keep 2 floor squares apart from each other at all times

  • Students will not touch each other (for example they will no longer hold ankles during situps)

  • Students will not do close distance practise such as sparring, self defence, partner practice until further notice from the health authority or equivalent.



  • Students will be dismissed one child (or all children in same family) at a time

  • Students will then quickly go to hallway at the back of the dojang, put on their shoes and coats and immediately leave the building out the rear side door



  • Remove and wash Taekwon Do doback (uniform) 

  • Take a soapy shower to ensure any possible virus droplets in the air that landed on your head, neck, feet are washed away

  • If you are not washing outer clothing like jacket, hoodie etc, at least hang them or keep them separated from other clothes, especially out of children’s reach



  1. Parents cannot wait in the entry area during class

  2. We will now use separate doors for entry/coming and exit/leaving.  All students will enter through the front door but at the end of class – and after they have picked up their shoes and belongings – they will exit by the rear side door which is located immediately on the left as you leave the workout floor and enter the hallway to changing rooms/washrooms.

  • Parents can park in the parking lot behind the Taekwondo Dojang/school building and pick up your child(ren) as  they come out

  • Parents, please remember to wear your mask (or face shield) if you get out of your vehicle while dropping off or picking up your child(ren) and maintain 6 feet of distance to anyone other than your child(ren)

  • Since there is no roof above the exit door, if anyone has some sort of tent to cover above the exit door  in raining day, please let me know.


  1. There can be no spectators allowed in the waiting area. (I am very sorry but this needs to be on the safety plan.)
    I ask all parents to make sure your child(ren) have everything they need for taking Taekwondo class before entering Taekwondo Dojang. Once again, you can pick up your child at the exit door.

  2. Wearing a mask and/or facial shield is mandatory!

It is highly recommended to wear a mask with grade of N-94 or N- 95 or KN-94 or 95.

To parents, please emphasize to your child(ren) not to touch the front of the mask when putting it on or taking it off or adjusting it since it can be the most contaminated/transmittable area of a mask.  It is safer to hold strings on each side of a mask to wear, to take off and to adjust!

  1. Minimum distance of 6ft will be practiced all the time inside the Dojang.

Parents, please emphasize to your child(ren on keep the safe distance all the time please.

  1. Sanitize hands upon entry and exit.  Good idea to bring your own sanitizer

  2. Controlling number of students in each class:
    We will be keeping a check-in sheet and student names MUST be on the list to be allowed in the class since class size is limited.
    Of course, changes will occur after successful testing and Belt Promotion in which case Master Lee will talk with the parent(s) and agree on any schedule changes.


Together we will fight against the possibility of transferring any infection to another person and will hopefully soon no longer have CoviD 19 as a threat.

 If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know. You can always e mail , text me or call me. 

Thank you for working together in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Master Lee